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Greeting my fellow Crusaders, I am Roboute.G a Knights of Resna who worships and vow to the god of Resna to protect its followers and spread the word of the god through the world of Verra. I am writing this letter to all of the Crusaders who wish to join me on my journey in order to weaken darkness and bring good well to the world.
Looking for people:
like to RP in AOC
People who want to explore lore behind gods in AOC
People who want to PvP

1. We are looking to establish a Religious node in the winter area
2. Turn other nodes to worship our God
3. Offer protection to nodes in return for gold or resources
4. Declare war against unholy and corrupted religious as well as sea battles


Guild Discord: Here
RP Community Discord: Here


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    RP community only for AOC join Now! Click here

    About Sparkling Ice community:
    The Sparkling Ice is a role-playing community, for AOC players that aim to talk in a broader community that share an interest in the roleplaying and more casual gameplay experience. Since there are no RP servers we will co-ordinate to all arrive on the same server day 1 and create an impromptu "RP server and divine node". The type of RP guilds allowed in our Community: Military, religious, magic, explorer, criminal, mercantile, and settlement. And we are intending to deploy in a mountainous, or tundra environment.

    Guild Discord: Here
    RP Community Discord: Here
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    RP contact for our guild will coming out soon!

    Guild Discord: Here
    RP Community Discord: Here
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