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Suggestion For Professions, Profession Mastery

With the three current artisan classes (gathering, processing, crafting) we are able to select one of these skills trees to pursue, per character. While pursuing one of these skill trees, we are also able to master the entire tree. I understand that it will take an immense amount of time to master all of the professions in a certain tree, but eventually, players WILL master them all.

I believe that mastering all of the professions in a specific tree could possibly take away from the need of other players (not totally), and eventually also take away from guilds requiring specific people to follow a certain profession. In the long run, this could be damaging to the artisan ecosystem, although I haven't weighed in my head the entirety of it yet

I don't want to long wind this post, but here are my two suggestions:

1. IF a player is able to pursue all of the professions in a specific skill tree, allow the player to only master one (1) of these professions. I feel as if having the ability to master all professions will take away the need of others, although you will still need them for the first two steps in the "assembly line".

2. Possibly allow a single player to pursue one (1) profession in each separate skill tree category while being able to master each, or again, just one. For example: Mining, ore processing, blacksmithing. I feel as if having one profession from each skill tree could be beneficial to the players' solo aspect of the game, as well as keeping the need for other players with different professions, especially in a group environment.

I would much rather see the second suggestion above, but this is not a game-breaking mechanic for me. The intended game design is unique but does have its pros and cons, more than I've listed above.


  • Okay, then I will get 99/100 on all professions and 100/100 from that one i want to master. The only solution to what you described is to give players a limited amount of artisan point that they can allocate into the chosen artisan path (say crafting).
    Tsukasa wrote: »
    Mastering the first profession is a free given choice from mastering the path itself from total professions exp. After that every other profession within the path requires too much resources and dedication on one specific profession. It's not as easy as the first.

    You have a quote on that? Never heard anywhere that subsequent professions will be harder than the first/previous one.
    Tsukasa wrote: »
    As for my own personal opinion, limiting the players to 3 paths where they can't be self-sufficient on their own was already too much and unrealistic.

    Not being self-sufficient is the whole point of the game. Otherwise it would turn crafting into what WoW has.

  • DemitasDemitas Member
    edited July 2020
    I think it depends on the level of restriction for professions, like if me not "mastering" armour smithing means I can't craft the super top tier armour, then I'm okay with that. But if it means I can only craft super basic armour then that's a little limiting.
    Ideal for me would be that a player can be completely self-sufficient until just before the end game, then they need to start relying on other players and/or alts.

    At the same time, if players are going to be locked out of crafting top tier stuff, then I'd like to see a mechanic for providing the materials while someone else does the crafting, in a way similar to trading that secures the materials so the crafter can't just run away with them.
  • Song_WardenSong_Warden Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    There is an escrow system already planned for crafter interactions I thought. Yet, changes occur and information I glean isnt always accurate, escrow might be the wrong term too.

    It was said in the older days you can add resources and gold to a window and the crafter will craft the item. To prevent shadiness in terms of someone running off with your gold.
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