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Tulsi's Tavern (I think this goes here)

TulsiTulsi Member
edited July 2020 in Community Creations
Hello, I've been an MMO player for a good while, and I saw that yall were hosting an AMA and Twitch stream. Sadly I missed the window of opportunity, but I am definitely inspired by the philosphy behind the AOC.

I've heard that the main dev was an Archeage player. I've played the NA version since beta and I think sandbox games come with a certain playerbase that almost always serves to collapse a server culture.

I don't think this will happen to AOC and I do not come as some contrarian, but something I hope will happen is an autonomous form of containing server drama and promoting a gestalt of immersion. I've noticed that when players are left to their own devices with a feeling of autonomy in a world that honestly is a set of procedures and gears, people will bounce around the mechanics of the game to get attention, ruin fun for others, or turn everything into an anime porno.

I was told the roles of GM's was talked about on the stream and I missed that. Something though I think was novel was something I did on a server in Archeage that I feel fundamentally changed the culture of the server. This was an experiment that I eventually want to write about (I have a masters in a sociology discipline and wanted to give a sort of qualitative analysis on what I did)

Here is a video that somewhat summarizes what I did on Unchained.

Basically, it was a tavern open to all factions that was up since the beginning of the server. It had buffs, all instruments, and a lot of other stuff, totally built through donations. I saw maybe this was close to a mayor like role in yalls game, but with meme culture these days, I feel like some attention needs to be paid to how realistically that will turn out. My entire gameplay on Kaylin is attempting to be a positive role model to people, showing people some obscure parts of the game, and encouraging less of what I call "sword art online culture" full of people trying to get a rise out of each other; or even worse, creating a bunch of mini towns with the same content and begging people to come to "their place," which turns into passive aggressive weirdness. In my opinion, this leads to nothing actually memorable happening, no Bilbo Baggins writing his book moment, and in my pure subjective opinion, a waste of time.

What I hope, and if I'm given a chance to have conversation and participate in the team building this project, is to take this Tulsi's Tavern idea to another level. Is there an application? Could I be given the chance to describe more of the philosphy behind Tulsi's Tavern?

Thanks and I apologize if anything I write attempts to make myself to be some sort "know it all." I'm just sharing my experiences in probably a haphazard way.
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