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Mass Summoning: Zergs

Hello, some people have mentioned possible ways for large guilds to "game" the summoning system.

I had some ideas to prevent this!

If the summon cast took about 5 minutes to cast (same as a siege scroll), it would take about 15 minutes for 2 people to summon the other 6. This would happen in "waves". The first two would summon two, those two would summon two, and those two would summon the last two, with 5 minutes between waves. This means that if 2 people were trying to summon ALL 40, it would take about 90 minutes to completely summon; effectively stopping 1-2 people from summoning entire zergs in a never ending chain! They would need 10 players at a location to summon a group of 40 in 3 waves.. which again, would take 15 minutes. This might be fast, but! These 10 players would have to be defended, as the long cast time would leave them vulnerable to attack. So, why don't they just sit in town and summon, where they are safe?

This brings me to the next idea: Points of Interest; summoning circles. Summons can only happen in these circles, which are marked on the map, and possibly even send out a "beacon of light" when summons are happening within the circle. This allows small groups of "friends" to summon each other, and likely, if they are just some unknown people, they could summon without being harassed. Large, known guilds however, would have to defend the summoners while they are doing their business. This would allow some political intrigue, and even bring PvP to these regions, as players attempt to stop the summon.

For example, Guild 1 is doing a world boss, but Guild 2 wants to do the world boss. Guild 1 then sends people to occupy these summoning circles, to prevent guild 2 from summoning their raid to the boss.

Now say Guild 1 gets there first, and Guild 2 arrives shortly after. Guild 2 can then attack Guild 1, and there will be a fight over "summoning rights" to the region.

This would make it so that if a guild wants to summon the rest of their guild to a region, they would already have to have control over the summoning circle to summon the rest. Where, like i said previously, if you're just some unknown player summoning your friends, and there is no world boss in the region, you have the potential but not guarantee to summon your friends, as other players would be less likely to interrupt you if there was nothing to gain from it.

I definitely think that summons should stay within this family system. These are just additional ideas that can be placed on top of the existing system, in order to prevent large guilds from "gaming" the system, by making it a dangerous choice to summon, and making it impossible to do it from within the safety of a city.

Thoughts? :)


  • BardticBardtic Member, Alpha One
    edited July 2020
    Your idea of the summoning system is completely wrong. You can have up to 8 members in a family. You can summon those members(don't think its been announced how the summoning works, if you need multiple people/etc.) But you can't be a member of more than one family. Meaning there is no chain summoning. You can summon the 7 other members of your family period.

    It means if you plan to do some raid you need to send at least one member of each family(or maybe two of each family). But the summoning is not enough to prevent a coordinated attack or raid of an entire guild or 40 person raid group.

    The idea is that yeah, you can summon. But to make it effective you do have to plan ahead and alread have at least 1 or 2 of each family already there. Makes it so you can't easily just zerg, takes actual coordination.

    Also I believe Steven said there would be a cool down on joining a family, so you cant just drop and join a new family to help with summons.

    Edit: Changed a you're to a your because im an idiot :disappointed:
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