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1 versus 1 Archetype's Monthly Tournaments

I don't know if this was suggested before but if not here is an idea that I think is amazing!(mostly for the players that love the PVP aspect of the game)

As far as we know the game will provide 8 types of Primary Archetypes (Base Class) and it will have arenas for players to fight 1 versus 1.

What if once per month, at a certain time, a mini - event emerges at the arenas.

Each player will have to battle with another player of the same Primary Archetype and the last winner will get a reward such as a title "Fighter's Champion" or even a corresponding slight buff.

For example

Two or three or more days prior a server announcement is made that Sunday 18:00 there will be "1 VS 1 Archetype's Tournament".

We as the players will have to go to the corresponding NPC and sign up for the rchetype's Tournament.So if I had picked Fighter as my Primary Archetype I would only be allowed to sign up for the bracket that has only players with Fighter as the Primary Archetype.

    [*] The players will have specific amount of time to sign up for the tournament.When the time passes no other entries will be allowed.
    [*] To be able to sign up, some requirements should be fulfilled.
    [*] Due to the possibly high amount of entries and the limited time the system would randomly pick a certain (8) portion of the entries to have the right to participate in the tournament.
    [*] The system will randomly select the first four fights among the eight fighters and then each winner will proceed to the next round till the winner of the finals is declared.
    [*] Fights can be best of 3 or 5 or even most kills on a certain amount of time.
    [*] The rewards will have limited time ( 30 days) starting from the moment the tournament is finished till the next tournament's announcement from the server.
    [*] The overall class ( Primary + Secondary Archetype) doesn't matter as long as the Primary Archetype is the same.
    [*] Other players that are not participating can have the ability to view the fights of the tournament.

    Keep in mind that everything that I use in the above example (numbers etc.) are randomly picked by me.The idea of course has a lot of room for improvement and details that should be addressed.


    • XraelXrael Member
      edited July 2020
      Not a bad idea to implement, POST launch that is.
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