Were can I find tradeskills info?

I have a dream. Sounds very close to AoC.

I just want to see what the trade skills are like. Ive been playing MMOs since NexusTK. I can't even say how many Ive played but many are still around. Only 2 have felt like home as Im sure many can understand.

I played NexusTK, ESO, and WoW the longest though.

I usually play caster classes like mages and healers but there is something to be said for a nice stealthy rogue.


  • Welcome to the Hype train fellow passenger! i hope you enjoy your journey :)

    as the game is still in pre-alpha development information regarding skills and classes isnt out atm, however If your looking for some answers to questions you may have regarding the game be sure to look in the links on this thread here
    <a href="https://www.ashesofcreation.com/forums/topic/helpful-links/#post-2186If" target="_blank">https://www.ashesofcreation.com/forums/topic/helpful-links/#post-2186If</a> pretty much all we know so far is in those links and on the discord server :)

    If there's any there are any further questions, concerns or suggestions you’d like to make or you just want an active community to speak with,
    make sure to visit the Official Discord available for the public:

    <a href="http://discord.gg/ashesofcreation" target="_blank">http://discord.gg/ashesofcreation</a>

  • Welcome to the community :)
    We don't know much about tradeskills, races or classes yet.
    It will eventually be explained in a blog "soon™".
  • Thanks for the responses!

    Ill check out those links for sure!
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