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Crafting Process

I would like to submit a suggestion about crafting. The best crafting system I’ve ever used was from an MMO called Vanguard and I would love it if AoC implemented something similar.

Crafting in most MMOs is just watching a progress bar and hoping for a proc to get an upgraded version of whatever you are making. The only trick to this type of crafting is knowing where to get materials and what to do with the end product, the act of crafting is pushing one button and waiting.

In Vanguard crafting was broken down into multiple steps and you could have issues that would randomly pop up that you would have to deal with in order to finish the project. You actually had to make choices about how to solve these problems using different tools and consumables. There was a level of RNG involved but you could leverage the quality of your tools, consumables, and skill level to increase your chance of success and eventually you could craft higher quality items. It was complex and very satisfying to level your crafting, collecting upgraded tools and completing work orders to advance your craft.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to launch day!
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