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Looking to recruit eager players for a guild set in the mountains!

Hello friends! My name is Leon Stormwell and I am looking for eager and hyped players to recruit for an NA guild! I will be getting the $375 package of this game will be dedicating a lot of time to it. I plan on finding and building a node in the mountains where anyone and everyone are welcome! I have 8 years of service, management, training, and communication skills so as your guild master I promise I will always communicate, structure ranks and roles properly, make sure you always feel safe and welcome, and make sure our guild will be the best in any of the servers! Currently the name me and my other members are thinking of is the Shadow Wind or Shadow Fall guild, however, this is subject to change! I will drop the link to my discord down below to discuss the recruitment if you are interested! Thank you for reading and may the gods of this world shine down fortune upon you - Leon Stormwell

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