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Fighter/Mage Rush Augment Suggestions

virilikusvirilikus Member
edited July 2020 in General Discussion
For the Fighter rush skill example where mage secondary can make it teleport. The examples for fire and lightning seem much more tame than the teleport, saying that it could just add element damage and a DoT.

My suggestion for it to be more interesting:

Lightning augment: 1 sec channel, then become a lightning bolt teleporting to your target, dealing lightning damage to the target and enemies along the path. (Once the channel starts, the target can't break due to range, but could LoS, enemy bodies would not count as breaking LoS due to the nature of the ability. Walls would make the rush stop at the wall.)

Fire augment: Leave a wall of fire(duration) behind you as you rush to your target. Target and enemies moving through the fire get a dot applied to them.

Frost augment: Create a line of ice(duration) on the ground between you and your target freezing the target for 1 sec at the same time the rush starts. Enemies moving through the ice are slowed.

Lightning and teleport augments have the blink effect replacing the rush, but where teleport erases all room for hindrance, the lightning gets extra damage at the cost of an initial channel where they are vulnerable.

Fire and Frost maintain the running rush movement mechanic but have environment altering mechanics. Fire is damage, Frost is cc.
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