Just found out about this game

Just found out about AOC from the mages life video, looks great.

Where on the timeline is the game? pre or post crowfunding? Are there pre-purchase packages with alpha access available yet? If not, are we looking at months or years for that?

thanks guys!


  • Welcome to the community @slayjay :)

    <blockquote>Where on the timeline is the game?</blockquote>
    Pre-Alpha, privately funded. It will hit KS when the devs have hit some certain milestones in the development.
    <blockquote> Are there pre-purchase packages with alpha access available yet?</blockquote>
    Not yet. It will come when Ashes hit KS.
  • Welcome to the community man!

    The game is in pre-alpha. There is a Kickstarter planned but no firm date has been placed yet. Steven said they are "close" to a Kickstarter but that could still be awhile out.

    Given they have said they have been working on Ashes of Creation for a little over a year most MMOS have a 5-7 development cycle so we are still quite a few years out for this.
  • I also just discovered this game today. Look forward to the KS and learning more as information becomes available.

    This game looks promising. Best of luck guys.
  • Welcome slayjay. The game is in pre-alpha so I heard but the features and plans it has planned really caught my attention. Cant wait for it to reach further in development to see how it looks.
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