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Subscription option for more casual players

I have a habit of purchasing games and then playing them extremely casually, sometimes as little as couple of hours a week.
Because of that i've been avoiding all games using subscription fee, since unlike with single purchase games i may very well pay for a whole month of access and, due to my habits, only get to enjoy maybe a day worth of gaming.
However, Ashes really does look like a game i would love to get into, so i figured asking a question wouldn't hurt.
So, my question is
Will it be possible to implement an alternative subscription model for casual players where you pay for hours spent in game, as opposed to the standard subscription model?
So, if 15$ normally gives you the access to the game for one real life month, could it be possible instead to purchase, for instance, somewhere around 150-200 in-game hours for the same price, that would run out as you're actively playing the game?

Thank you in advance for your answer and best of luck!


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