Class flexibility and viability for PvE (trinity roles) and PvP


First of all i would like to say i find this project very interresting and in many ways it looks to be pretty much all i would like to put into a game of this genre, taking into account the viable technology and resources that are eralistic to put into such a project.

With the limited information on the class system i have been able to locate i do see huge potential and belive it could be freaking awesome with enough work put into it.
However 225 hours playtime is not a number I would be happy to multiply in order to be able to play different roles in PvE and PvP, especially if you chose a Cleric for healing or Tank for tanking, or even a Bard for HR management.
Not that i want to be able to swap from one role to another on the fly and be the top performer in the "alternative role" - to me it is fine to have ONE specialty for a specific role in either PvE or PvP that is your calling and what you do when maximum efficincy is key.
However as soon as you are not in this situation of absolute efficiency it would be preferable to be able pull back from the "frontline" and ,without spending too much time and resources, swap gear, enchants and other specialization parameters in order to take on another role, maybe with 90% efficiency of a specialist or atleast enough to be viable for ost content - it does not matter if you have to work twice as hard to succeed, as long as it is possible.

With this in mind I would like to know more about how your class picks affect your possiblities endgame both in regard to the trinity roles of PvE and the possibly more blurry PvP roles where the toothless damage soaking tank just get ignored (unless of cause you manage to enable tanks to intercept damage effectivly without oponent willingly targetting the tank.)?

For instance if i pick Cleric as primary (not because im a churchly man myself, but something about going old testament on varius types of obstacles in this type of games really talks to me), will I then be destined as a healer as only option for efficintly filling a PvE trinity role?
What will the second pick do to this? will i be able to pick the Tank as secondary, slap on heavy plate gear and shield etc. and then fill out the role of tanking efficiently using augmented cleric spells? or likewise for any other combination of classes that in seems to belong to different trinity roles?
Also regarding of class picks will classes that are suitable for either tanking, healing and/or support stil be able to shuffle their gear/other setup around and stil be, if not completely then close to, as efficient as damage dealers for solo PvE (maybe lower DPS but higher up-time) and will they be able to fend for themselves in solo PvP?

I apologize for this relativly long post, but for now this is my main concern about this very promising project and I hope you will be able to answer these questions, not necessarily with specific details of how, but that you let us know what your intentions is in this direction.

Best regards


  • Hi there - I'm going to go ahead and move this over to the Discussion section as it's more of a long-form discussion than an account or game-related support issue we can assist with. From what you've discussed above, I'd recommend keeping an eye out for our upcoming class blogs and videos to get more of a feel for those details in the lead-up to future testing!
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    I don't think anyone will be able to answer your questions as the information is not out yet. But if I may speculate around the notion that all 8 classes will be required for the optimum efficiency.

    In Short no... secondary class only augments 4 skills if X/tank or X/cleric can fill the roll of tank or cleric than you just removed the need of them from the group. As it would be more optimal to dps/cleric or dps/tank because you will clear faster. or cleric/tank , tank/cleric removing the need for one and add another DPS.

    Clerics don't just heal if you look at their skills and these are just early concepts at this point. The cleric Does do damage.Clerics will always be high value for both pve and pvp. The tank also has utility that looks very promising and engaging in PvP. Keep in mind the game will be balanced around group pvp not 1v1.

    If you do not want to spend time leveling an alt but want to fill another roll. You could always do easier content and help out some lowbies. There's the potential that just out gearing and leveling the content trivializes rolls.

    Estimate time to lvl 50 is 180 hours that can probably be cut short if it is an alt as you can gear up easier and will have friends to help out and a better understanding of what you are doing.
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