[EU] VALHALLA | PvX | Semi Hardcore| Hosted Events | Friendly Community.

[EU] VALHALLA | PvX | Semi Hardcore| Hosted Events | Friendly Community.


Guild Information
Valhalla is a new guild coming to ashes of creation day 1. We are looking to build a community for AoC that is driven to explore the world together we will offer all sorts of different gameplay experiences from the standard pve and pvp to they naval content and crafting.

Currently looking for
‣ Like mind officers
‣ Different types of members (pve,pvp, etc..)
‣ Diverse players of different class types

Over the next two years before AoC releases we will work on growth for day one and have at least a group for that. Also Personally I will be playing A2 and streaming it to our members with questions.

Our Culture
‣ Valhalla values Trust, loyalty, communication and respect.
‣ We are looking for those who like to communicate in a server mainly over voice calls.
‣ We are a growing community for AoC, and we don't require massive activity like other guilds because this guild will be based around a average 9 - 5 Job schedule for people.
‣ Schedules and important information are always up to date. They will work around peak hours so maximum members can attend.
We will be running events often for members of the guild and will always help members out where we can.

Valhalla in Ashes of Creation
Our mission is to build a guild that has a variance of gameplay features and includes all members into its dream. We will offer solid group of highly-engaged members with a focus on longevity, consistency. Guild events will include world exploration, Dungeons/raids and arena teams with also pvp.

How to join
If you are interested in the guild, please join our discord. There you can enter the guild through our role system at the moment everyone is welcome but as time goes on and we grow the guild will form around it.

Leaders: xiedd13ix
Discord link: https://discord.gg/EKvgnBk


  • XraelXrael Member
    edited July 28
    Thank god. I wish i could play the game forever, but college is a thing. Definitely interested in your guild.
  • AmistAmist Member, Braver of Worlds
    Best of luck to you guys!
  • SkykiddSkykidd Member
    Nice to see you made a forum post as well, look forward to meeting your guild in game and wish you all the best :smile:
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