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[NA] The Consortium | PvX | A Home not just a Guild!

eggonomiconeggonomicon Member, Intrepid Pack, Alpha One
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The Consortium

At our core, we are an experienced group of gamers that prefer to make digital homes for people to hang out in and promote an atmosphere that is drama free, and enjoyable to all! We have always felt that each member should be viewed as a person, and not a number, as they so often are with large zerg guilds. We like to make relationships that will grow and flourish game after game.

We have been around since MUDS, Ultima Online, EQ, WoW, and beyond. We have ran very large Guilds in many games, and our main focus is always fun for us and our members, and to create a home for like minded Drama free individuals. We know that life happens, and take a far more casual approach to gaming. We won't boot you if you're gone for a week, or can't maintain a gear score or equivalent for raiding. We focus on fun.

That's not to say we don't progress, and involve ourselves in events, raids, node wars, caravans, etc. We plan too and will! We just aren't the Current alpha guild of the month, but we will be the guild that stays stable after the other zerg/alpha guilds dissolve time and time again.

Discord: for more information!

So Ashes is still a ways off, so why are we recruiting?

Ashes is going to be a game like no other, a game with a copious amount of content to partake in. To that end we are looking to get to know people early, and for people to get to know us! A guild choice is going to be a MAJOR choice in Ashes so we want you to take your time and hang out with us in Discord, maybe play some other games with us. Get to know us, so we can get to know you!

We have a thriving Discord Community and a solid Officer Core, but that does not mean we are not looking for promising candidates either!

We don't believe in Cliques and keeping Officer roles to RL Friends, we believe in a merit based system where people who show potential can be given the chance to advance! Oh and for those who just want to chill out and relax and be in the background as a member and not a leader; well that's fine too!

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