Immortal Flame

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[NA] Immortal Flame |PVX| Semi-hardcore | Raids |

Fight to defend our allies even in the afterlife.

About Immortal Flame:
Immortal Flame is an 18+ gaming community. Our main focus is becoming a Merc Guild with a focus on a divine node. We will do what is needed to grow together and be respected, our motto is "Return From The Darkness" it's up to you to decide what that means to you.

What we expect from members:
- Players who will take part in Large scale PVP & GvG's.
- Players who could sustain themselves with gear if possible.
- Players who can make good decisions on intense situations during PVE or PVP.
- Reliable People we can count on

- Do not be toxic.
- Must be willing to learn the game.
- Must be 18+
- Must be active!

What we could Offer:
- A working Command system
- A Ranking System
- Getting rewarded for what you accomplish
- A friendly Community
- A new Group you can call Family

ref link:

Our Goals:
- Building towards a Divine Metropolis.
- Securing and Defending a Guild castle while having fun.
- To be the strongest Guild and not abuse that.
- helping smaller guilds who need us


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