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Team looking for GERMAN ROLEPLAYERS to set up an official roleplay-website

VetkinVetkin Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty, Kickstarter, Alpha One

my name is Fabi, 26 this november, and I've been following this game for quiet a while now. I love roleplaying (Larp, Guild Wars 2 etc.) and this game will have so many great features for this, so a lot of german roleplayers are already really excited and hyped for the release. I want to start a project with the goal of creating a contact point for our community so that every german speaking roleplayer can register on the website, enter the community and find their way into the fantastic world of AoC-RP. I'm looking for people that have experience with setting up websites and forums for this purpose. I'm currently thinking about using Woltlab / Burning Board but that's not final yet.

If you have experience or simply want to be a part of this new project, please contact me here or on Discord (Vetkin#7580)

Thanks for reading!
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