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I played wow and I only play it for its pvp content for examples... Arena

Arena that involve 2vs2 and 3vs3. 2vs2 can have comps of healer dps or just double dps. while 3's normally have 2 dps and 1 healer. The arena isn't that big or anything but you can line meaning -> (Line of sight. Line of sight, commonly abbreviated LOS, is an unobstructed line drawn from your character to an enemy. ... When casting a channeled spell on an aggroed enemy, when that enemy moves in such a way as to block your LOS at any point in that cast, it will cancel your spell.) people with pillars (tome stones) or small structure like a casket (but can't enter) in that arena. So what I'm really asking will there be a feature like this in ashes of creation where you can climb in the ranking.

I'm asking since I only saw the battle royal and was wondering if this would be a feature where you que up and enter with the gear you have. Idk if makes much sense... Sorry :/


  • Yes, there is arena with a rated ladder.
  • PeggysuegotParriedPeggysuegotParried Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    you're in for a treat, old MMO's PvP was open world, dungeons.. now all most games offer is a small arena where you already know your matchup and you know it's coming. Open world is sooo much more fun and surprising.
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