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dTR Looking for mmorpg players for the upcoming launch of Ashes of Creation.

Discord : https://discord.gg/CzxkzdE
Website: Facebook

Who we are?
Greek Gaming Team since 2007 started with the game World of Warcraft, ever since we changed and play many and different games which led to the formation of a community with players whom they would team up and start playing a game together.
Deathrow nearly reached 100 members which 30 of them usually participate in events and activities in-game.
We have many distinctive members among our ranks who achieved many things such as high rating in arenas at wow or first realm kills in FFxiv reborn lineage 2 hardcore servers for years and one of the most powerful among the guild in SWOTR Vanilla.
Thing To Achieve
After many years of gaming we all know that having a good time its the primary goal of enjoying what you do.
Each one of us has a different goal, yet we all still have the thirst to learn and be good at our game.
About AOC, its still very early to say. There are alot of ideas of how to succeed and what to do.
We don't have all the facts yet, so at first we will start at the same server ofc same area level together and pick a spot for a town.
Why you should join our ranks?
We care for each other, and even when we rival each other in a game mod ( arena , ladder etc) we always pass the information. Many of our members do lot of homework before and during the game, that helps the team alot.
We have very active members all the time so you will not be alone during the night.
What we expect from you?
Be a good guildie, play listen and share.

I am not greek , can i join ?
Ofc you can, we have non greek members aswell plus we use English language ingame.
Should i be a hardcore player with alot of daily hours in order to join you ?
We try to create a community for everyone who desires to play as much as he wants and the way he wants.
If you want to be a hardcore PvP or PvE player you can join with the people focusing on this, if you like the RP you can do that too. We will not force anyone to a specific play-style or set a minimum amount of X hours per day or week. The only thing we want from you is in case of some kinda of Event / Siege / Programmed Dungeon run to participate as much as you can and assist the people who will assist you. We play for the enjoy of the game helping each other.
Is there any kind of toxicity between members?
We take toxicity and racism really serious , we don't want people who will bring problems into our community by being hateful racism or demeaning to other persons. Cases like this lead into immediately dismiss of this person away from Deathrow.


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