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Mount Behavior

Nukletr0nNukletr0n Member
edited July 2020 in General Discussion
Hi Guys,

i've just been watching all the "behind the scenes" videos of animals in Ashes of Creation and i had this really cool Idea.

What if the Mount that you newly aquired had a "mind of it's own"?

just imagine that you bougth a bearded Dragon and you now have a fast and agile way of transportation. You put a Saddle on it's Back and call it "Ugora II". Quickly and with a short hissing whistle you swing your Body onto Ugora II and take the Leash.
Now you want to rush through the World and leave a Trail of Dust behind wherever you go. But Ugora II doesn't. The lizard-lady finds it far more interesting to sniff for food or other things and only with some effort from you she turns the way you want her to. You realise that this creature has to get used to you..and you to it.

this is only a little picture i imagined in my head. What if, given some time, the lizard would become more used to you and behave more cooperative and react quicker to your direction impulses? wouldn't that be cool? i think it would :D

thx for reading

i've no idea if a actual dev would see this and think it's doable without to much effort and actually implement it :)


  • SamsonSamson Member
  • I mean, it sounds cool in theory...

    ...until you hop on your mount, try to go, and it decides to go munch on some flowers.

    And continues to do so for weeks to months, making it completely unusable to you.
  • I agree with that. it could be cool though if the creature would just in general show more resistance to movement impulses and over time become more obedient and move more in harmony with its master as they come to know each other better.
    Maybe you could even make it beahve better by letting the "animal-breeder" train it and reduce its temper
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