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[NA] Blood Phøenix | GvPKs | Alpha 2 launch

On launch day for Alpha 2, myself and one other will launch Blood Phoenix guild. We figured we'd start recruiting now, to see how many followers will be joining us as we begin our climb through the ranks.

The basis of our guild will be peacekeeping. We'll set up in a node that has good resources and a fair number of players, and make our goal to be keeping PKers out of our territories. "If you have a problem with being PK'd, let us know. We'll hunt them down and force them out." Needless to say, this will be much easier said than done without a moderately sized, active guild to back us up. If you'd like to be a part of us at Alpha 2 launch, we have discord! (Discord still WIP, before the launch, so many things will change. That said, join early, and there will be perks to running with us at launch.)


Hope to see you soon!
~Maybe your next GM?
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