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Questions Pulled from the Official Discord #Questions

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Greetings all,

If you frequent the official Discord you may recognize me from my time spent helping out in the #questions channel. I'd love to share some questions that us regulars there have had difficulty answering to see if the community can shed some light, or maybe even get some dev insight.

Q: Does a corrupted player gain more corruption if a non-combatant attacks them first, and they kill the non-combatant?

Q: Will NPCs in the open world, dungeons, and raids have resistances to the various forms of damage (physical/elemental/etc)?

Q: What options do vassal nodes have to overthrow their parent node? As it stands, there are no civil-war mechanics and the wiki lists vassal nodes cannot declare war on a parent node.

Q: Will the various NPCs out in the world have various skin tones and features? As of now, most of the "human" npcs have been light skinned and basic in appearance. The community would love to see a "random" aspect to all shapes and sizes in terms of NPCs. (Yes, this is just pre-alpha so still early testing and not final)

Q: In a scenario where a group attacks and kills a player, will the entire group receive corruption or is it only the player who deals the killing blow?

Q: Will there be a limit to the amount of quests/tasks a player can have at one time?

Thank you all for your time!
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