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Questions For Devs

NostraNostra Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
edited August 2020 in General Discussion
This is a living post I'll be updating as I get more questions or redirecting as they get answered. Hopefully this is seen by someone who can answer:

* Can we get 1-2 examples of Racial, Religious, and Social Organization based augments?

* Are Skill Points only received from leveling or can they be acquired from certain quests, achievements or milestones? In other words, is the total number of skill points capped at 50?

* Can you provide more info on the Mentoring Program - what will high-level players be able to do when playing with lower-level friends?

Artisan Related
* For Animal Husbandry - will cross-breeding be allowed or can you only breed pure species with each other? In other words, could I breed a Chimera (lion + goat + serpent)?
* For Animal Husbandry - will breeding across families be allowed? we understand breeding cross species will exist, but can say arachnid and mammal breed?

* Very little information has been provided on Processing professions (only Smelting and Animal Husbandry names revealed and Eggs, Milk and Ingots as processed goods), could you provide a list of names for the other Processing professions?

* Does item deconstruction guarantee obtaining the recipe to reconstruct that item or is it RNG based? And can "all" items be deconstructed regardless of rarity?

PvP Flagging / Griefing
* If a non-combatant is fighting PvE mobs and a High-Level Combatant attacks them could they not be griefed?
a) if the non-combatant doesn't fight back and the combatant attacking them doesn't execute a killing blow but just gets the non-combatant to low health (guesstimating health) where the mobs will finish them off the non-combatant can still die and lose loot (which I assume the combatant can pick up) and the combatant does not gain any corruption as they didn't kill the non-combatant.
b) if the non-combatant fights back and loses (they have no hope against the higher level) the combatant still doesn't gain any corruption as the non-combatant is now a combatant and they still drop loot (although 50% less) on death
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