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[NA] The Iron Shekel//PVX &RP//16+//Semi-Hardcore//Active

UtheranUtheran Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
Welcome to the Iron Shekel, the guild rising up to claim the name of economic powerhouse in Verra.

Who are we?
Here you will find that not only do we seek to control the markets in the city, but also seek to help each individual within our ranks achieve their own glory and success through their preferred path. Want to sail the open seas, guiding our naval caravans to and from their destination while also discovering new territories and bringing back new goods and products? We want you here. Want to hone your profession to the best of its ability? We want to help! Do you want to fight others for glory under a banner with a cause and purpose? We're right here. Whatever it is you want to do, we want to support you in doing so as you give back to the guild so that others may do the same. We want you to experience the game the way you want, with a community that wants to as well.

What Drives Us?
We are driven by the prospect of financial prosperity, and the world it opens up for not only our guild members, but our node as well. We view the guild not as a singular object, but the sum of its parts coming together to create a guild that moves the economy forward and the node along with it. We are leaders in a world where leaders are exactly what is needed. Ever moving, ever changing, The Iron Shekel will persist.

Guild Operations
The Guild is run by The Iron Vizier, directed by the Iron Council, a group that pulls from the highest of leaders from across all sectors of The Iron Shekel. Together they give the guild direction and a purpose, establishing law and order amongst its members along the way. When a new member joins our ranks through an application process, a member of the Iron Council will speak with them, with the intent of finding out that member's ambitions and goals. From there they will begin a journey in efforts to rise through the ranks of the guild to higher positions, filling our ranks and expanding the ever-growing force that we plan to be in the world.

We are, at heart, a bunch of nerds. We see roleplaying as an extension of that, and seek to add that extra level of immersion into who you are as a character in the world. Just as we, The Iron Shekel, begin clawing for the hopes of identity and recognition in Verra, we want the same pursuit for an identity through your character as well. This creates a sense of self outside of the daily grind of our normal lives, and we're all for that.

How to Join:
You can become a prospective initiate of The Iron Shekel by either going to our website and registering there, or private messaging me or our ambassadors through the forums or discord to be sent a link to the application. Upon completion of the application, a member of The Iron Shekel will reach out to you, giving you our Discord information, and welcoming you into our guild. From there, one of the Iron Council members will reach out to you for a short interview about your aspirations in the game, which sector you hope to be in, and again, welcome you to our home.

Contact Information:
Texancenturion#6393 (Discord)
Beast#3919 (Discord)
Our website:


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