Node Type Balance

As I dig deeper into the node types, I am realizing how important it will be to balance the benefits received from each of the four different node types.

There will always be people who gravitate to a particular node type as a matter of personal interest, regardless of balance. However, if one particular node type provides out-sized benefits, it will cause the majority of players to gravitate toward one particular node type on every server. That would be a shame and would probably need to be rectified.

I am mostly interested in mastering the markets and trade, but as I re-read the Scientific Node, I can't help but wonder if the massive benefits of a Scientific Node would actual be a quicker path to riches than an Economic Node. It sure seems like it based on the limited info that is available.

If the Scientific Node allows people to generate more wealth than the Economic Node, I'm not sure people would pursue the economic node.

In summary, it is important to balance the benefits from each of the node types.

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