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Will we get 3D nameplates?

BrocknarBrocknar Member
edited August 2020 in General Discussion
Hello folks!

Before I get into the matter, let me show you the difference between 2D and 3D nameplates. 2D nameplates are "printed" onto the screen (text drawn onto the screen) that looks like this:


In this example screenshot from the game Wildstar (RIP) you see that the screen looks very cluttered and it kind of has a "cheap" look to it.

In comparison, 3D nameplates exists "in the world". Its implementation is more tricky because they are not part of the UI overlay but are rather placed into the world:


Personally, I really do prefer 3D nameplates because they make the game feel more polished. Is there any confirmation on if this is planned for release? During Wildstar beta, many people were asking for better nameplates but Carbine implemented overlay nameplates only because their UI lead said it was too complicated to implement.


  • Song_WardenSong_Warden Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    I image we'll have 3d Nameplates, because, in PvP the Name Plates will crack and degrade, would look horrid in a 2d format, UE4 is a beautiful engine and Ashes will be beautiful. I'm not sure what the end renditions will be though. I can't confirm either way, but, would suspect 3d nameplates as I first said.
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