How i think reviving should work in this game

I believe the revival system is one of the most fundemental systems in a MMORPG.
In the case of AoC, i belive a building tied to a religion in each node (like a cathedral) should fulfill this mission, increasing your reputation with a religion allows you to send priests to adjacent nodes for a limited time allowing you to get ressurect near them, also it is possible to purchase mobile cathedrals to deploy during a siege with max revives threshold.
In early game, each starting area contain an existing cathedral, and players wont be able to revive in any other place unless they advance a node to the village stage, this enphasize the risk vs reward system, if players wish to go for a far away node from the starting area.
Finaly, if you die inside a dungeon or a raid, i believe it should revive you at the entrance.
this is my take on how i see reviving could work in this game, i really wish to hear your ideas about the subject.


  • WMC51WMC51 Member
    With all the talk of risk vs reward I'd like something like original eq. You die, go find your body. Makes you really think about where to explore.

    I remember deciding to enter plane of fear with one other person not knowing you couldn't get out. Died, called buddy in top guild to help. His group died, they called guildies. It turned into a 6 hour corpse run ill always remember.

    I lost my corpse at least 3 times early on. One running off a mountain going to high-pass thanks to AOL.

    That being said from gameplay I'm pretty sure its a resurrect by healers or release to set rez area.
  • There will be no corpse runs - players will respawn at some altars around the map.

    I think you are going too deep before the system has even had a chance to be tested.
  • oujnineoujnine Member
    i'm just putting my idea out there..maybe senpai will notice o:)
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