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Monsters/humanoids/its, been stuck for ages now.

Monsters/humanoids and other its, and how they have been stuck for years. What i would truly love to see this game implement would be some "living" feeling when it comes to creatures/monsters/its. In dungeons it would be nice to see whatever lives there, has some animations when not engaged in combat. Animals laying down for a rest, a dog scratching its ear, guards talking to each other and so on. I find in far to many MMORPGs when venturing into a dungeon, you have these packs of mobs just standing around. There is the odd patrol here and there. And thats it. Random spawn locations would be nice, mob on mob interaction would be nice to see. A general sense of it being a reason why this dungeon has these creatures, why they live there and you can see they live there looking at the environment. Dungeon from april looked very nice, dungeon from dev update end of july was rather meh looking at the monsters there. Packs of monsters standing around. But no corpse piles(food), bones, or general mess which animals/monsters tend to make very quick. Also why so many torches? and who refuels the braziers with wood? Hopefully it was an issue of placeholders, and it is just pre alpha. In any regard i am sure i will enjoy the 10years i will spend playing this when its released.
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