Exploration and Mobs at the start of the game. Will mobs be high level despite no node progression?

So from what I have seen and heard, mob difficulties and levels are determined by node progression. That being said, does this me right from the start, will players be able to traverse the world as low levels to attempt to get to nodes further out to progress or will their ability to travel to new zones be restricted due to mobs being too strong in those areas despite no prior node progression. In summary, will mobs be higher level in certain areas despite no node progression at launch, or will you be able to travel at level 1 and progress nodes far from the starting area?


  • By the way they said it in the interviews I believe they fully plan on you being able to travel anywhere. They even said the starting zones are optional. They specifically said that when the game has been out during the end game for a majority of the player base that new players will need to find a node that matches their level to quest in.
  • DolyemDolyem Member
    Can you link that interview for me?
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