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[Idea] Open dungeon boss room/fights

Hey everyone, I am new to AOC. I am very excited for the game! I have heard about the open world dungeon system and it seems like a refreshing take.

I don't know if this is how they currently work from what I watched it wasn't, but If it does feel free to delete this post or call me dumb.

I have some concerns about this system. Such as people running through the open dungeons to the best "farm" location ignoring any bosses along the way (If there are any in open dungeons). Another concern I have is being mid boss pull with my friends and being killed while fighting the boss. That isn't fun and there is no fun counter play to this. For example if another group of people are a few minutes behind you they would rock up to the boss fight at 60% health kill your group and finish off the boss, or a more extreme example would be players waiting for you to start a pull and then killing you.

The solution I have is to have checkpoint or "end of floor" (Can't figure out the wording) style boss rooms kind of like dark souls fog doors (but make them more epic maybe giant doors that slam shut??) that any number of groups can enter but the entrance shuts preventing others from interrupting you mid pull. After killing the boss you can proceed deeper into the dungeon increasing the difficulty and increasing the rewards.

I feel like this would increase social interaction and also increase open world PvP. For example say your group rocks up to a boss door that is closed and you see another group waiting for there chance to fight the boss. You could either fight them off and take the boss on alone or team up potentially making new friends to help you delve deeper into the dungeon, or if you killed them they may be a future problem if they attempt to get revenge.

If you put the best loot/farm locations deep into dungeons past multiple bosses. I think this would stop people from treating a open dungeon as a path to a farm location and instead treating it as a dungeon first with the reward for effort, skill and preparation being the farm location at the end.

I also feel this gives players a good progression metric to judge progress off. Say you killed 3 bosses maybe come back the next day and try for 5.

Solutions to problems/Other ideas.

1. A boss room/fight should have a hard enrage at say 7-10 minutes so people cannot AFK inside preventing players from proceeding.
2. Some way to bypass a previous floor boss so if you wipe you do not need to kill it again. For example Resurrecting just after the boss you killed if you wipe.
3. Boss fights could be easier scaled if the system can detect how many players are in the boss room.

That's my Idea. Thanks for reading if you did.


  • YuyukoyayYuyukoyay Member
    edited August 2020
    It means you are going to have to pvp for the right to own dungeons or wait your turn. If they afk then kill them. I'm pretty sure dungeons will probably be places where you cannot be flagged as a non combatant.

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  • zamzam Member
    Yuyukoyay wrote: »
    It means you are going to have to pvp for the right to own dungeons or wait your turn. If they afk then kill them. I'm pretty sure dungeons will probably be places where you cannot be flagged as a non combatant.

    I feel like this is not a solution what many would enjoy. MMO's have a vast player base from the super sweaty to the most casual of casuals.

    IMO no one should "own" an entire dungeon. Its toxic for casuals players who just want to explore and have fun. However being able to "own" a pack or farm location should be allowed if you are willing to defend it constantly.

    If the best farming spot is after boss 11 on floor 12 (using the terms floors and boss# to make it easier for others to understand) but only the top 10% of players can get to that spot, said top 10% of players would not bother players on lower floors as there is no reason to since they cannot get to floor 12 in the first place.

    This would let casual players have more fun as they are not spawn killed for daring the set foot in an open world dungeon and it would allow more experienced players to fight others around the same skill level.
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