i say mounts shouldn't be like wow
like i u wanna get a mount u have to either tame him or fight him and weaken him then u tame him and he's yours and then they go to another space wich u can summon them from when u want to use them


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    NitpickNitpick Member
    edited August 2020
    I actually do not agree. In reality, fighting an animal does not usually make it tameable afterwards. I am sorry for such an example, but imagine beating a dog to death almost, than making it follow you and beliving that it would never betray you or be fond of you in any way, whatsoever. That is absolute nonsense. An MMORPG should not be like Pokémon.

    More reasonable way would be, like in reality, "mount shop". People, that specialize in taming and mostly breeding a mount/pet monsters/animals etc. having their homes working as such shops (similiar to having them work as restaurants and pubs and etc. which was already said to be a thing) and selling them for a price afterwards. Seems much more logical. Something like, having the NPC's have basic mounts available and making the Taming artisanship needed for everyone to get better pets and mounts. That would further help create a healthy economy. They would provide for their guilds (as they would want/need) and set a price for a non-friend, non-guild member.

    That and also, I would love for the mounts to "live and die". No magical summoning stone/key/rune crap for a horse to exist. You would have to think, if it's actually neccessary to bring your hourse into a dangerous dungeon, or keep it home, where it has water and food needed for it to survive, or rather, "live". Of course, you could always leave your horse outside of the "non-instanced" dungeon, but then you risk someone stealing it or killing it. No home? Your mount always follows you. It dies in a dungeon or in front of it? Welp, get a new one. It got stolen? Welp again, get a new one. Making the mounts somewhat pricey would be a key, though. That would help with the need of those "Mount dealer" players.^^ The logic behind this is also the space and resources needed to keep them alive, while waiting for a buyer, so... the price would need all the prices for resources needed implented. You can't have 100 horses on a small farming home, logically. You would have space for 3-6 horses, at most, and you would have to feed all of them, take care of them on a daily basis. This, on it's own, would be amazing to see in game. Because not THAT many players have time to play DAILY, so not everyone would even be able to pick up such a "job" in game. That would make these artisans more rare than others while making them EVEN MORE needed than others. Absolutely amazing idea... probably impossible to implement, though.

    Ideas that help provide another way for healthy economy to exist, are those that should be implemented. Not the "convenient" ones for "easy-going" players.

    Of course, all of this is just my opinion on the matter. :)
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