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[USA: EST] The Dark Tower | PVX | Hard-Core | Aggressive

DarktideDarktide Member
edited August 2020 in NA Guild Recruitment
The Dark Tower has been around since the dawn of time.

And the Crimson King is looking for hard-core, aggressive pvp and pve players to fill his ranks of the crimson army.

About me: Hi there, I'm Flagg aka TerrorXT aka The Crimson King. I ran a large guild on AC1:Darktide and have helped to run many guilds since in many games. My experience is vast with regards to gaming and leadership. But don't take my word for it, please, ask questions and get to know me. I believe it's important to put your faith in someone you can stand beside and trust.

Discord: (The doors are open, but the tower is being re-built)
Website: TBD as necessary

If you're looking for a very laid back, mature yet aggressive and hard-core guild. You can't go wrong here. I try to maintain a high availability to members from the top to the bottom ranks. I believe in transparency and no drama. Undesirable elements are exposed and discarded like trash. We are here to play a game, kick butt and be our best. Anyone that impedes that process has no place with us. I have high expectations of members and expect them to stay informed and do their own research. Information is made readily available in the form of wiki's and internal videos for educational purposes. Ultimately my guilds usually end up being heavily former military folk, that's just who I attract.

The recruitment process will be more well-defined as the game nears release, but for now, i"m just gauging interest and bringing the tower back online (as well as the stream "The Beam").

The Dark Tower background: I am a HUGE Stephen King fan and references of "The Gunslinger" will be bountiful. My wife and I were discussing the prospect of me streaming again and leading a guild... We threw around some ideas, and one day driving, she randomly said... All hail, The Crimson King. I thought to myself.. I'm not that evil. I'm definitely hard-core and somewhat chaotic... Her response was that THAT was the embodiment of Randall Flagg. He not pure evil. He's chaos. And so my new alias and guild theory was born. IF a corruption-less server option is available, that will be our home, otherwise, we will probably be a prominent fixture on our server of choice.

We are NOT inherently evil nor chaotic. I prefer to live in the balance/neutrality state in games. The easiest way to get on my bad side, is being immature, disrespectful or childish. I get along really well (even enemies) with respectful and mature gamers.


  • Discord is setup. Recruitment is not enabled, but *Founder* access is being granted for a limited time. This will allow potential members to get in on the ground floor and help to shape some aspects of the guild.

    I know what I'm doing, and I'm trying to adopt AoC's open and transparent philosophy in guild establishment. I'm not worried about a player-base currently, those that trust and believe in my vision, will naturally follow, and it's still very early.
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