Region transfer

Im from south america and my question is if I jump into this game on NA servers while there are no SA server, will I be able to transfer my characters to south america if it becomes available?


  • LfmrLfmr Member
    Why would you want that? One of the best parts of an mmo is the start, when everyone is first getting in. That would also be such a massive advantage for those transferring over vs those starting fresh new accounts.
  • autumnleafautumnleaf Member, Braver of Worlds
    Most likely, I doubt Intrepid will leave players hanging like that.
  • You can't have server transfer when 2 servers would be entirely different. Your NA server would be much more advanced than the opening SA one.
  • Dropping progress and cash shop itens is not fun. If you`re worried about a bunch of kitted chars swarming a new region server maybe have a transfer windows months after region launch, just having the option to transfer would make me feel safer opening up my wallet
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