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Mechanic and design discussion/help

TyrantorTyrantor Member
edited August 2020 in General Discussion
Wanted to know if anyone can elaborate on these 3 topics and/or open discussion regarding them.

1) Bounty Hunting: How accurate will the corrupt player map awareness be? Is this going to be pin-point accurate ie. Behind this tree/bush. OR More general location ie. Zone XYZ.
(In terms of Risk/Reward I believe it should not narrow down the location more than a zone to allow for a “hunt”).

2) Character Stat/Skill Growth: Will there be attribute point allocation beyond base race at creation to give unique build opportunities. At each level gain will the stats be automatically applied or will the game allow creative stat distribution for developing characters designed around specific play styles? Will there be any attribute or skill/power runes or other items available at character creation or late game (character binding not weapon/armor enhancements) that will help differentiate characters. i.e. +10 to axe skill, +10 to crafting, +10 to INT, Dex, Str etc.

3) Removing Corruption: Once a player goes corrupt would it be considered for any combat based kill (of other corrupt or combat flagged characters) to gain some removal of the corruption buff/reduction of corrupt penalty. Essentially allowing someone that became corrupted to PvP their way out of the corruption instead of forcing PvE questing or death. Since the corrupt player would be at a disadvantage due to the corruption debuff it seems like the risks to continue pvp should gain some reward, if they are no longer attacking non combatants.
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Book suggestions:
Galaxy Outlaws books 1-16.5, Metagamer Chronicles, The Land litrpg series, Ready Player One, Zen in the Martial Arts
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