Character/Camera controls for hybrid combat

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This is my proposal for a character controller that is suitable for action combat while still maintaining the comfort and responsiveness of a generic third person controller. The key mechanic is that holding down the right mouse button allows action abilities to be aimed like a third person shooter, locked to facing the direction the camera is pointing. The most important point is that when not aiming, the player should be able to seamlessly transition between running to any direction. This is to say that backpedaling and strafing should be avoided at all costs in normal movement mode because of how stiff it makes character controllers feel.

Action Combat Mode (3rd person shooter controller)
Active when right mouse button is held down
Character always faces camera forward
Aiming crosshair (player optional)

W -> Run away from camera
S -> Backpedal toward camera
A -> Strafe left
D -> Strafe right

Free Movement Mode (generic 3rd person controller)
Left mouse drag to orbit camera
Character faces keyboard input direction

W -> Run facing away from camera
S -> Run facing toward camera
A -> Run facing right of camera
D -> Run facing left of camera

A notable feature of this setup is that camera control is split between left click drag and right click drag, such that the player has the freedom to orbit the camera either with or without repositioning the character's facing direction.

Mouse Camera Control
Left Click Drag  -> Orbits camera around character
Right Click Drag -> Orbits camera around character and snaps character to face camera forward
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