World PvP and why the current iteration of corruption system is flawed.

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I know that many people will disagree with me on this matter but here it goes, nontheless.

In a game like AoC where politics, economy and war are a thing, world PvP and unsolicited killing is a MUST. But the current iteration of the corruption system will dissuade players from engaging. Why ? Mostly because of the chance for you to drop piece of your gear and the reduced PvP stats. Killing lowbies for the sake of having some fun is bad in all cases. Let me be clear on that. But other than that all is fair game. Why ? Well because of the content generated by itself when there is such type of PvP. More people will engage in it, which means, more bounty hunts, additional means to sabotage certain guild/node among few. Here are few proposed changes and a possible scenario where all of this is plausible.

Your node declared siege on another node. During the period of time from declaration to the actual siege, no PvP restrictions in the besiged node. Only thing that will help out the besiged node is that from the first kill you do in that node you get a bounty on your head. Why like this ? Immersion and practicality. Historically speaking during the time of war, the agressor had always sent advance parties before the siege/attack. Mostly saboteurs. So how does PvP fit into this scenario ? Players will go early to the attacked node, and kill players native to that node. Preventing them from gathering, crafting and stockpiling resources that would otherwise prove benefitial and potentialy turn the tide of the siege.

Second scenario is guild wars. If your guild has declared war on another guild, there should not be any penalties for killing the players of that guild. Only issue is bounty on your head available only to the players of that other guild. The guilds are at war, and they are ment to kill eachother on sight. No more explaining needed.

Killing lowbie (5 or more levels lower that you) must give you MAX corruption, and a guaranteed drop of piece of gear when you are killed, as well as bounty on your head and you being visible on the map itself.

Other instances of world PvP. If someone else is farming/gathering on "your" spot, you can attack them, yes, if they do not retaliate you get corruption points, if they do, you get 0 corruption.

Also an ingame option where a player can put on a private bounty on another player, using their own gold/resources/items. If the bounty hunt is successful, the bounty hunter gets the reward. If the bounty hunter is not successful, he loses portion of his gold/resources as loot for the player with the bounty.

Or, just scrap the whole thing, and make it like it is in WoW. PvP toggle ON and OFF. People that are ON, can slaugther them selves to their hearts content. The PvE fairies can choose to stay OFF and be done with it.


  • If your nodes are at war, you don't get corruption fighting citizens of that node.

    Resources store in the node are locked, they cannot be moved once a siege has been declared.

    Sieges are no the same as Node wars, they're different. Anyone can declare a siege on a node after doing the quest and getting the scroll.
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    `World PvP and why the current iteration of corruption system is flawed.` No its not.
    First off, there are no limitations in guild wards. If you are in a war with another guild, you dont get any corruption. You can kill any opposing guild member without any penalty.

    Now about corruption system. Its main purpose is to penalize you when you decide to kill someone out of the blue, without any legit beef (I mean in game perspective, not if you dont like that player or whatever). If this would be removed, smaller guilds would be ruined, cause larger guild could just stomp everyone without any consequences.

    Believe me, even with corruption penalties, there will be plenty of people PKing. It was same in Lineage 2 (where AoC corruption system is based on). People would still PK you, if they wanted, no matter if they could lose gear. But it was under controll. People would for example PK others if they are deep within dungeon and not many other players can reach them (they could, but would need to put lots of effort) - to get their girnding spot etc. But it would happen much more rarely in open field, when many people roam.

    Also keep in mind, that when you die, you get exp debt and lose weapon durability. So if people could PK you without any penalty, you would be in exp debt so much, that it would take forever to get out of it (and I dont think thats really fun).
  • Thank you guys for the information. In the videos i have watched so far, i either have missed it or it wasn't there, regarding the world PvP when it came to sieges and wars.

    Thanks again :hushed:
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