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[NA] The Necessary Crusade | PvX/RP | Active

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The Necessary Crusade is a PvX Alliance focused on capturing and controlling a Guild Castle, and a Divine Metropolis Node. While we understand we will not be able to control the Divine node entirely ourselves, our holy land will be most sacred to us.

We are looking for players interested in all types of gameplay from crafting, to playing the market, to pve and pvp, all types of players are welcome. We have dedicated groups for pvp, pve, and gathering/crafting/merchants so you can find a fit no matter what you want to do.

As devout followers of the Goddess of Love, we embark upon a journey of compassion, and empathy. In our quest to liberate the tormented souls of the lesser creatures, we know in our hearts that we do so for their own good.

We believe that the Tulnar are a group of lesser beings. Descendant from once valuable peoples, their descent into profane existence is one of our Goddess' most painful sorrows. We strive to remove this blight from her view, that she may look forward to tomorrow with a lighter heart, and unburdened shoulders. For this cause, we will erase the existence of the Tulnar species from history.

We will purge this world of the filth that blights it's surface, and defend it's sanctity from those who would taint it with their profane presence.

If you would like to join our necessary crusade, you can send an application to our guided server

And if you'd like to know what we're all about you can visit us at

Dea Vult!

Discord Link:


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