Will there be tipping system for (Music, Performance etc?)

My idea is if there is a chance to make music or our own performance in this game, based on the hard work
of gathering items and composing music or performance. It will be better to have a tipping system for
our performance. For Example level 1 performance tipping will be (1silver) and level 2 will be (10 silver) so the
more we increase the level the better the song quality and the higher the tips will be. Also, to encourage people to
give tip us they will receive a buff for a certain period of time.

And to go above and beyond since there is an engineer we can modernize and make DJ set or musical Instrument
in a sense where we can have some kind of performance fantasy in the game which makes the game even more
exciting to live in.


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    Not a bad idea. I agree with what you suggested regarding tipping.

    As for engineering, i doubt its going to be a class anytime soon. Personally, I feel like there are already more than enough classes in the game and we don't need to add anymore. Once the existing ones are somewhat balanced, you could proceed to adding more augments and one of those augments could be engineering.
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