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Eden Company Is recruiting!

ObviouslyGrimmObviouslyGrimm Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
edited August 2020 in NA Guild Recruitment

What we are looking for:

Currently We are looking for active members, We will take in PVE players and PVP players as we want to have a healthy combination of both play styles. Are you new to MMOs? Then come join us! There is always more to learn so we are happy to learn and grow alongside you! We are a 18+ Community with very little acceptation to that rule, while we like to have fun maturity is key.

Our Mission

We value a PVP/PVE “PVX” and RP “ RP isn't required but encouraged” game play so we have a place for everyone here.
This guild is brand new and was created with ashes in mind BUT i wanted to create a positive place that will go beyond the game, a place to create content, friendships and feel like a family.

Guild mission:

As a PVX/ RP community we will be looking for members that are engaged in all aspects of MMO life.
We will be engaging in:
  1. Raids
  2. Node missions and maintenance
  3. Trade runs
  4. PVP “node battles, arena etc.”
  5. Exploration
  6. Creating RP content for Social Media “not required but anyone is welcome to join”

This community will be based off of a Honesty and Respect, we will have a 3 strike system with no exceptions. I expect everyone to treat each other like family



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