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Changing thematic colors of Cleric abilities to White instead of Green?

Pretty much the title..

I know ability icons don't necessarily dictate the color of the FX of an ability and such, but they're abilities that we'll be seeing for years and really mean a whole lot to the theme of a character!

I understand green has been associated to a healthy life bar and such, but I'd absolutely love and prefer for the game to go beyond preconceived notions of visual video game mechanics, leaning more towards the lore behind holy abilities. A white-colored theme, I feel, would be far better.

I plan to make a Cleric+Rogue with an Angel of Death/Grim Reaper roleplay so seeing my action bars full of black and white themed abilities would be PERFECT! I know this post is a long shot, but I hope it reaches someone that could consider this!


  • QuarantineQuarantine Member, Leader of Men, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    I associate those colors with those abilities too. I was seriously surprised by the green. I normally would have associated the green color scheme to be poisonous or venomous. I respect their choice, I just fully agree with you that white skills for clerics (with gold or silver flecs) and black for adding that flavor to the cleric augments.
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