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Noob question on spell effects

ShaladoorShaladoor Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
How hard would it be to make spell effects that can change color based on a persons preference?

I'm imagining a simple choice of say, I don't know, 8 colors (black, white, red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple). Nothing as complicated as a slider I guess.

I know nothing in regards to making spell effects for games. The fact that I can't think of a single game that ever offered this kind of customization makes me believe that it's a pretty difficult thing to do.

Would it require coding / rendering / creating that spell effect multiple times? Or is it something that can be determined on the fly? It's probably not worth the effort in any case. Sometimes though, I would just like my entire character to match a certain style or aesthetic. Like having all of my gear purple and most of my spell effects purple as well.

Just wondering, is all!


  • A single spell effect uses multiple shades of a color. Sometimes, it even uses multiple colors. To assign different colors to over 300 abilities is WAAAY too much work. So no, its highly unlikely to happen.
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