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Will there be any class/artisan/roleplay related hidden content?

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Hello ,
I have been wondering about this topic in my mind about the techical limits and work needed to be put in inorder to make it into a realty.I am still doubtful about that becoming real but since the devotion and ambition you guys showed in many platforms is so high , that gave me the courage to ask my question with an example such as ;

Lets say one wants to become a pirate that sails in the middle seas between the continents and carve a name into the server with the excessive gameplay they put in and lets assume someone achieved that level with their work but after all that someone is still bound to the class choices they made(ex. Summoner/Summoner ...) which has no direct relation to this roleplay.So the question comes here will there be a hidden quest regarding to that role which does not reveal itself anywhere unless it is completed such like "Never sat foot in any land and never die for 3 weeks( accumulated online time) while not recieving any supply from a party or guild member for that time and destroy X amount of ships".
After that quests completion you get the choice to change your secondary class into a Legendary Pirate Class(Or some name like "Davy Jones heir") with different augmentations like if you are a summoner you can summon a kraken as your ultimate skill or if started with hunter your ship can become invisible for a time ...
And/or in another way by gaining a title that passivly gives a permanent buff to your ship(sail speed/cannon fire speed /ship's hp/max number crew...) , while both options turning you into unbeatable overpowered monster for 1v1 sitations in the seas , to keep it in balance whenever you are on land you are basically worse than anyclass with debuffs turning you into a 10 lvl mob.
This was my attempt to give a basic example to pinpoint my interest , many more examples and details could be given (like that title will be lost if someone else does X conditions and beats you in the sea ) but in the end i am sorry for the long post and i will be really happy to get any answer to this either it is being possible and planned or totally undesired for the ashes of creation world.
Thanks for your time.


  • This isn't THAT BAD of an idea. Obviously certain aspects like hiding your class, and some of the abilities you're talking about are obscenely overpowered, but I really like where you're going with it. My real questions to you are.

    1. Shouldn't every archetype be able to participate in all types of content? The way you're talking, by selecting this archetype players would automatically be locked out of well over 50% of content, if not closer to 75%. And even if they were not locked out, players would bring nothing to the table.
    2. What kind of flavor would a 'Scoundrel' or 'Pirate' have that Fighters and Rogues couldn't already fill? I would look at each of these, and take note of the Duelist class when looking at future updates.

  • Firstly Thank you for your respond.When i began trying to explain my ideas i just wanted to learn if there will be any content that speaks to %1 of users on the aspect of achievements and commitment in unusuall or maybe wierd ways.What i mean by that is not to devalue %1 drop rate Legendary items from bosses(Endgame boss , world boss etc.) or quests that take a great effort to complete.It is just a basic question with a short example that came to my mind.(In my defence i havent slept over 25 hours when i wrote that and still ticking :smile: ) without giving enough details i guess.
    I havent read all the information there is and did not completely understand all of them but as far as i can tell even if there are 10 servers at the lunch with maximum capacity and after a year passes by there might be still a content that is not revealed in any of them due to the node developements(Like no one managed to increase the highes lvl of node in the frosty mountain domain therefore no one gets to see a Ice Troll Giant Boss or related items,quests or achievements)In that aspect yes what i seek for is unnecessary since there are a lot of things that could be missed to begin with.
    Coming to point 1 , due to lack of my writing i believe the point on where every archetype should be able to gain a shot in all types of content is something i agree to a point like in that example why someone who started as a Bard shouldnt be able to summon a kraken after all the work has been done.I believe that could be solved by turning that player who succeded the hidden quest to a completly new uniq class or even race(Bard/Cleric ->Legendary Pirate Candidate ----with additional quests that reveals only to the candidates ---> Legendary Pirate) and since there will be only a limited number of players(1 or upto X) who could benefit that title or class at any given time(Which was that player's choice after they were given the option of learning the Pros and Cons before they decide)i do not think anyone who earns that level , will regret not accessing some of the content others can easly accsess(Joining some spesific raids or some pvp events where they might break the balance complelty in either way).
    About the part where i do not agree is where everyone should be able to reach that level.No everyone should not be able to reach that level not because game mechanics stop them it is because they lack the commitment.Unlike the player who read that 1 silver coin book and somehow understand the clue that was in the last page of that lore book which states Ex:"Oceans mourned beneath the 3 spikes of the crown"" and sailed there where 3 spikes represents the 3 closeby islands that kind of looks like a crown while others just wanted to lvl up themselves or their guilds or their gears or their nodes.
    Or to give another example why anyone should be able to easly access to the skill set that one player earned by killng 5000 players within 5 lvl difference gap in a week without even dying once without a party.
    So in the end there are so many details to work with and i still doubt it becoming the way dream but what the hell.
    Why not make the players that earn that , become a content themselves to put a plate on the table.I am sure there will be many balance changes due to the skills items and races that revolves around a rock paper scissor triangle and as follows people will try to adopt and build a meta around that triangle which might eventually swallow the balance in a specific way.But whenever they meet a new boss or a new level of dungeon or a new level of monsters it will usually break that meta.So why not let a player break it aswell and let it shape the world view around.
    Patch Note "Ex: In the next patch underseas of Atlantis will be added to the main map and new quest lines and items will be included there"
    But wait kraken is sleeping at the entarance of the cave therefore you can not find or access that content.No one can lead you there except the "Heir of the Seas" and no one discovered how to become one yet.So who will earn that title which guild member will earn it , if the first discoverers of that area are going to earn a buff wouldnt there be race that goes beyond grinding gears and levels or nodes.Will that race outbenefit organizations of the castles guilds allready hold , wouln't they become weaker if they all left management of castle so they would lose it , but the rewards will it be worth it?
    Or the next Patch note"Ex:The hell content will be released"
    But wait again there is no one qualified as a "Demon Lord" to open a permanent portal to there because no one increased their influence with the Evil Religion to the highes level and got a clue to how to become a Demon Lord.Or something better highes Evil Religion ranking X player has been chosen as a candidate to earn that title/class/race.[A message appears to every player , kill that X amount of Evil Religion players before this amount of time and X player once or they will permenantly be superior to rest of the religions in the hell map]
    And after that message one can imagine the drama that goes around wouldnt it be more fun than killing some mobs.But wait rest of the players managed to complete this quest and beat the Evil Religion.The patch where Atlantis came was 20gb but this Hell patch came as 40gb something was wierd at the beginning.Now instead of a portal to hell a portal to Heaven appears and the 10 mvp players in the war has earned the qualifications to become an "Arch Angel" and goes and goes around the people.
    These short stories are just some tiny touch on the matter of hidden content i am trying to point out.
    Wouldn't it be more fun that way.Yes what i talked about in this respond are abslutely too much to deal with in reality , but i hope i made it more clear about what i mean on hidden content there could be not just 3 but 10 or even 20 hidden quests revolve around the world of ashes.
    In in the end that situations above here i tried to example is surely not within the reality of what is possible in my opinion.Regardless of how much i would want it , but i believe giving a reward to people who achieve a unique positions due to their commitment between "Congrulations you managed to solo kill every boss monster in the world here is your reward +3 STR " and "Congrulations you managed to do X here is your reward //Now you can one shot everyone//" is surely possible and would love to see that.
    TLDR:This was supposed to be simple question and a quick answer regarding to the topic.Sorry for the mistyped words,and if there are dislocated arguments :neutral:
  • Hi there! As this is looking to be a bit of a longer discussion than a support or FAQ question, I'm going to go ahead and move it over to our General Discussion section!
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