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Xmog as a profession skill.

SnakeyManSnakeyMan Member
edited August 2020 in General Discussion
I saw a poll on FB about transmogrification and like the idea of creating an aesthetic that is part of the character identity.

I thought that an interesting element to introduce to this perk would be xmog as a crafting profession skill. So; if a plate wearing player wanted to change the look of say ; a helmet or shoulder piece ; they would seek out another player with the armor smith profession with the xmog skill.

The crafting skill "transmog" could be learned at a certain skill level within that profession. Leatherworkers xmog leather , cloth to cloth and so on.

I thought this would add more to the social
aspect and also add to the importance of crafting professions

Since (as I understand) items are not soul bound , they could be passed over to the craftsman with the item to be treated in order for the alteration to take place.



  • mrwafflesmrwaffles Member, Leader of Men, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    This will most likely be done. The "Xmog" ability aside crafters are going to be for others more then just for one self. In more recent MMOs crafting is just something you have to pick up out of necessity. AOC will promote crafting as a profession to encourage people to gain notoriety through their creations. When crafted the creators name is now in the descritpion of the item. with the "Xmog" idea instead of "created by Waffles" it could say "Xmog'd by Waffles". Way to drum up business.

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