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This game just crossed my path, figured Id say Hi and how are you!

So I came across this game couple of weeks back, but just today noticed there were a gameplay video in existence. Pretty much sold me on every level. Havent really been involved in a proper MMO for some years now (joined the GW2 and Wildstar hypetrain, to no avail), but this one really caught my fancy. Hope to see more from this in the future and you will definately have a fan in me.


  • Welcome Praise! Yea this game instantly caught my attention it has many elements and features that I like. Hope it continues to improve and becomes the next big mmorpg and revitalize the genre. It has the potential to do so.
  • hey praise I'm with you on that new here and in fact I find very few games fun but I do go all out on games I do come to enjoy.

    this game crossed my path as well and I cant wait to get in on the action. nt a huge gammer but played coh/cov guild wars 2 (gw2) champions online and elder scrolls

    anyways I'm still looking for information such as when might be a realease date and such will eventualy find all that through the forums but anyways thought id say hi to the community as well
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