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Selling/Buying Character Names on Scrolls for in Game Currency?

EradalEradal Member
edited August 2020 in General Discussion
Rare names, or names in general that are desired may often be created on a character that does not progress in order to hoard. What if there was an ability to sell your name on a scroll within the economy. That way, if someone wants a name, and someone with that name is willing to sell it, this solution will discourage real world trading of in game currency for obtaining names, the negative risk of scamming, or the risk of being sniped of the name upon release.

Names are kind of similar to a cosmetic to some players. And, many great names get taken on High populated servers.

If the player selling the scroll with their name on it successfully sells it, they will receive a forced name change, the buyer of the name may click on the scroll to redeem the name which queries with a PUT request and updates the name of their player with that name immediately.

Players hoard names no matter what. And removing characters from players accounts with great names that aren't leveling is difficult and negative for those who take breaks for longer periods of time, therefore, this initiative may be a positive incentive to make a profit off of a cosmetic they obtained. This could defer some hoarding.

A market for names vs no market for names and a bunch of unused great names. The name scroll could also be traded to other players directly with or without charge.

Perhaps, there could additionally be a method of contacting the player that created the name on their active account.

Maybe this isn't an incredible idea, but I don't see the harm in it existing.

The name is cosmetic and purchasing it does not benefit a character's experience gained or anything that would allow the paying of this name benefit them in a pay to win way. Paying for a name with already obtained gold in game is moving currency, not creating nor syncing it. It's not a door for p2w.


They may just implement a cash shop item with a name trading scroll that both parties can use for safe trading.
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  • YepodYepod Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    May lord have mercy upon your soul when the door opens for all comments ^^
  • SangramoireSangramoire Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    I think if this gets into the game then a lot of people would make characters just to hoard the name and it will make it worse.

    If there's no way to sell the name in game then people won't really make characters just to hoard a name because there's no reason to hoard a name if it's not the name you want to use since you can't really make any money off of it.

    Instead what could be added is a system where if a character has not logged in at all in like a year or something then the name can be put back into the pool of names available and that character would get a random temporary name. Though some people might not like that idea because what if you make a character with the name you want and you stopped playing then come back to the game a year later and now you no longer have the name that you first picked and someone else picked it up.

    I think it's better off just leaving the name system as is. Those that really care for that name reservation can buy the pack that allows you to reserve a name. If it's too expensive then the name is not important enough anyways.
  • VhaeyneVhaeyne Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Awful Idea. I am not interested in any system that allows a character to ever change their name. It goes against the "Choices have consequences" philosophy.

    The only time a name should ever be changed is if the mods deem the name to be in violation of the rules.
    EVE online has this 100% right.
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  • JubilumJubilum Member, Pioneer, Kickstarter
    Your name is your reputation in a MMO whether good or bad it shouldn't be transferable. Eve online does do it right you can't even change a character name after it is created. In Eve your name is your resume. i have been doing background checks of new applicants to my alliance for several years now. There is so much info available to access for a character an older character I spend 6-8 hours investigating each character including all the players als.. Including past CEO's to find out if they were honest, social, worked well with other, team player, sociable, willing to take one for the team, followed directions, and left under favorable conditions. I have denied or recommended denial of at least 25 applications over the years, for many different reasons.
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