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Low Level Meta Gaming?

Not sure if this idea has been brought up. But do you think we'll see some low-level adventure class meta due to how the corruption level works? Will people not level up to make it a harder choice for high levels to pk them or not. These low levels could be gatherers or whatever. As well as baiting high-level players to kill you by accident and boom they have lots of corruption.

Would be interesting to see.
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  • You don't want to kill people for gathering, unless you know their loot is very good and/or its a very rare resource. When killing someone, you'll most likely end up dead, which in most cases isn't worth it. Even if you manage to survive, getting rid of corruption will take hours while constantly running away from Greens, as they will whip you dead, since you can't defend yourself against them without getting f***** even more.
  • I could see some baiting going on down the line, but I seriously doubt people will stay a low level intentionally. One of the fundamentals of MMOs is that your potential for making money scales exponentially the higher level you are.

    Will there still be demand for low-mid level materials? Yup.
    Will it be as profitable as what you can do at level cap? No way.
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    There will still most likely be high level mobs near high end rare resources
  • You will eventually level up with gathering, going by the quote of being able to go max level with just gathering/never fighting. Also, you will most likely not see people making new characters to start the process over again. Reason being that the better your gathering level the better the materials themselves. Not in terms of which things you are able to gather but the quality of what you gathered increases.
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