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Skill Points

Hello, new to the following and really excited for the game. I don't have a lot of MMO experience outside of like Old School Runescape nearly 10 years ago, but the growing and changing world Ashes is aiming at makes me want to dive into the genre. Since I don't know much about them, my question might have already been addressed, but it is a thought I was curious about nonetheless.

My question about skill points would be, if we can change our secondary archetype and how we spec'd our skills doesn't line up with how we would with our new class, is there a means for a skill point reset/reallocation? I feel even if we kept the same secondary the whole time, if we thought we would like a certain skill and wanted to test the waters but our playstyle ends up staying away from it, or if we decide that when there's a meta out there that we want to try and learn it and spec towards it, it would be nice to not have to roll up a brand new character because we can't change how we allocate skill points.


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