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Journeys, fun antics and rumours

So I used to play WOW back in vanilla, BC and WOTLK, mostly casually kicking it with friends and guildies. But the best parts usually had to do with trying to achieve something.

The most fun I ever had playing was trying to get the explorer title with a group, it started when a random guild friend decided they were going on a motorcycle tour of the whole world.

This quickly turned into a crew of us jumping on each weekend and going on voice chat and just shit talking as we all drove our bikes as far as we could for that day, occasionally jumping in sidecars to grab food and such.

We'd lay down food and wine on the ground to role-play stopping for lunch, when we made achievements like exploring a whole continent we'd fire off firework displays, we had random dance parties with the opposing faction, got ambushed whilst dancing killed the culprit and kept dancing then we'd stop at an inn to end the day.

This leads to my point in relation to AOC, an why I'm quite optimistic about it after following for 2+ years with such a large world and the fact that there won't be much fast travel it seems that this aspect of journey, like say for example I want a rare mount that only drops in one part of the world I must go on a dedicated journey.

I really hope that AOC embraces the ability to diversify their world with rare localised trinkets, clothes and achievement titles relating to exploration.

I feel like this could be even cooler if they had a rumour like system of information, say for example you have a billboard in your node that showed rumours of a rare creature that only shows up in winter has been spotted in this area, and you make that location randomised so when you look at the billboard you now have an immersive way to start a journey over to a new area that doesn't rely using outside websites and such.

id love to hear a few stories about peoples journeys and what incentivised making those journeys for you.


  • Dude, this is the magic right there.

    What I feel from seeing stuff on Ashes is there will not only be opportunities like that but even some in game incentive. If you and you buddies travel far on a hunting trip for examples, your certificates will be worth more when you get back. Not to mention veering off the beaten path far away to level in a barren place and actually being part of it progressing to a node!!

    I haven't had an experience like that since the OG times (asheron's call for me). Not having fast travel and incentivizing travelling far for valuable items is all it will take for me I can't wait.
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