Date person above you

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I start with myself *Hands a torch*

Name Roboute.G
Race: male, Human
Class: Knight

About my appearance:
  1. black Curly hair
  2. shaved and muscular face with a French moustache
  3. blue eyes
  4. natural lip
  5. muscular body
  6. average hight
  7. round ear with free lobe
  8. pointy nose

My lady, I would like to invite you to my house so that I can show you my finest jewels and foods

  1. no low effort comments like no tulnar or yes
  2. sending pic of your character it is optional

Guild Discord: Here
RP Community Discord: Here


  • AltodorAltodor Member, Leader of Men, Early Alpha One Tester

    Race: Female, Vek
    Class: Oracle

    About my appearance
    1. Long black dreads
    2. Symmetrical face
    3. Slightly dark tint of green skin color
    4. Black eyes
    5. Very pointy canines
    6. average height
    7. Pointy ears with a attached lobe
    8. Slightly muscular body

    Hello Roboute, I would love to come inside your house and share an exquisite meal with you and quite possibly explore your wares. Whats for dinner?
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