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europe server and multi langua?


Will it europe server and multi language to the start give?
if so of when? alpha, beta or first full release? or not europe server and multi langua?

i am happy on the game however I would It with pleasure on German Play.


  • @Chkoupinator posted a really good Q&A here:

    Here is a quote about AoC being released in other languages.

    <blockquote>Q: Could you tell us in which languages the game will be translated? Have you contemplated Spanish?
    A: Localization and translations really depend on the demand for our game in those regional markets. I can say that it is an expensive process, but one that we are wanting to do if the demand is there. The best thing you can do to see this happen, is to help build our community in those markets.
  • Thank you for the Information, i hope the enough Players with interest found become.
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