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[NA] Atlas | PVX | Hardcore | PVP and End-Game (Castle Takers)

GundamGundam Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
edited August 2020 in NA Guild Recruitment
Focus: PVX | PVP and End-Game | We will take a castle

Leader: Gundam | Officer: Scolas

About Us:
Atlas is a newly formed guild, with lots of experience and time in the MMO universe. Our current members have backgrounds playing Archeage, WoW, EQ, RO, Lineage 2, Aion, Wildstar, Eve, and many many more. Our aim in Ashes of Creation is to enjoy all that is has to offer and eventually take and hold one of the 5 castles.

Content Creation
Awaiting Alpha 2

Website: Atlas Website
Discord: Atlas Discord

Recruitment Requirements:
- Age 16+
- Must be active
- -Passion for Ashes of Creation
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